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Nord great winter



My family and I live in Borre. It is a small village in the North, near the ancient forest. Winters last here for many months, and summer passes quickly. Every year, on Yule, we honor gods and spirits. Congratulations on the coming of the good Lord - the Sun King, who gives us the harvest, protects the flock from frost, protects hunters from wolves.

The longest night has passed, and winter has always been followed by summer. But the soothsayer noticed that the summer was getting colder, and the nights were getting longer. It is now dangerous to hunt in the woods because monsters have appeared there.


It is said that this is because the balance between the forces of good and evil, between darkness and light, has been disturbed.
In the North, where the magic of the world is hidden, and the Great Tree grows, a new king has appeared. Cruel and evil. He killed the Sun King and seized his spells, so our world is doomed…

Above the Clouds

Hello friends! I am Aya Neia, a Ukrainian author of indie short stories, a collector who collects wonders and fairy tales, mystical stories that happened to me and my friends. 

Thank you for your attention to my work. I rejoice to every reader. Please note that most of my works are available exclusively in Ukrainian. We are currently planning to translate my other popular short stories.

To contact me, please:

Search on Instagram @aya.neia

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Leave comments and wishes somewhere here. I am always happy to welcome guests and new friends.

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Nord print copy
  • Author: Aya Neya

  • Publisher: ФОП Яцута / "БукБанда"

  • Book series: Nord

  • Genre: ethnic fantasy, mythical fiction, adventure fantasy, adventure, fantasy, Vikings

  • Language: original Ukrainian (translation in process)

  • Year of publication: 2021

  • Age: Young Edalt, Adults

  • Illustrators: Tatia Koviz, Oli Gnats, Julia Mayevskaya

  • Number of pages: 300

  • Illustrations: Black and white and color (renobe)

  • Format: 163x240 mm

  • Binding: Hard

  • Paper: Offset white, (glossy illustrations)

  • ISBN: 978-617-95193-3-8

  • Weight: 250 g.

  • Type: Paper

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