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Here is something to read for free or download for e-readers. Please note that some new works are only available to registered readers and subscribers. For convenience, the projects are divided into completed and ongoing categories. Completed projects have undergone literary editing. The store is currently operating in a testing mode. Below, you will find a blog where site news and short works are published. To listen to AUDIOBOOKS, please go here. 


I live with my family in Borre. It's a small hamlet up North, near an ancient forest. The winters here span long months, while summer passes swiftly. Every year, for the Yule celebration, we honour the gods and spirits. We welcome the arrival of the benevolent Lord — the Sun King, who bestows us with harvest, protects our flock from the frost, and shields hunters from wolves. 
The longest night has passed, and summer always follows winter. However, one of the seers noticed that the summers are getting colder, and the nights are growing longer. It's now dangerous to hunt in the forests, as monsters have appeared. 

(The book is finished)

EOSA'S Wings: Forgiven

Having killed a person, Ashula Ayshar becomes unforgiven. She has lost her home and family, and to earn a living, she's forced to delve beyond the Boundary and retrieve lost items. One day, Ashula learns that her brother has disappeared, searching for a powerful artefact capable of halting the world's ruin. Now, a dangerous journey to the Epicentre awaits Ashula, the birthplace of the mysterious Darkness. Plus, there's a whole tangle of secrets, intrigues, and conspiracies that Ashula has become entangled with alongside Noa — a shaman she summoned from the underworld. What awaits them beyond the Boundary? Will Ashula manage to save her brother? And, ultimately, what is this "Darkness," and how was it born?

(The book is finished)

Ostara Wings
A horror story about tweens



If you meet your doppelgänger — you're destined to die... In this world, you cannot coexist at the same time.

That unusual night, Katya met her doppelgänger, a girl who looked just like her clone. She became convinced that some urban legends are indeed worth believing. (Finished)


Amnesia story
shadows name story
Nego deep space story



Humanity has lost its memory. What is this? Divine punishment? A failed experiment? Or perhaps a harbinger of changes awaiting the world?


The Shadow's Name

Tear out a sheet from a notebook. Grid paper is best, from the middle. Unfold it and draw a large circle. Divide the circle into sections, like a clock. Scatter all the letters of the alphabet around the circle's sectors. Now take a needle and a red thread. Red is best. Insert the needle into the circle's centre. Next, you must call out three times: "Guest, come forth! Guest, come forth! Guest, come forth!"


Ad Astra: Renegade

Fear never fades. It's like an incurable disease, for which there is no remedy. They say fear is a useful instinct. Perhaps it is, as fear itself prevented my demise. Yet, for those who have experienced hell, returning to a normal life is a daunting task. On that day, 20 ships took off, bound for Mars, but none of them made it. This is the story of the crew of "HJ-20".



Legend has it that beyond time and space, a phantom city called "Dreamfog" exists. It's filled with faceless ghosts, and it's governed by mystical and enigmatic beings who enjoy meddling with other souls. From time to time, the city manifests on our Earth. And no one knows what awaits those lucky, or perhaps unlucky, enough to end up there. This work is part of the "City of Memories" collection by the literary group BookBand.


Netjeru: Sins of the Gods

It all began with an Egyptian queen. Neferen fell in love with a demon and bore a son from him, for which her lineage and her entire people were cursed by the gods. Her name was taken from her, and her son was given to Duat—the Underworld. Oh no... wait! This nonsense was concocted by priests. They gladly deceive naive believers. Now, I will tell you the true story. Although, no, I will only do so under one condition...

Who is to blame when the whole world is crumbling? Can one person stand against the terrifying will of ancient gods? Can love conquer primal evil?

Sins of the Gods: when one mistake can cost the life of the entire world.

The Kingdom of the Sun and the Sahara. The Kingdom of the Eternal River, whose blue waters wash over the fertile Black Land. The first pharaohs who created the greatest empire of all time. Bloody conflicts of the priesthood. And an incredible love that has the power to overcome all obstacles.

Netjeru! Their story lives within us through the ages!

Celestial: The Nine Sons of the Dragon

For five millennia, a sacred slumber persisted. For five shen, no one had seen the dragons. Eventually, people ceased praying to them and destroyed the ancient temples, considering the emperor as the sole heir of the moons. However, it was prophesied that in the Year of the Dragon, when three suns align, an ancient enemy would awaken in the south. The Empire of Kur, the empire of monsters, would rise from the ruins, and then the forgotten gods would return to the Celestial Realm to save the world.

(In progress)


Undead Gods (available for beta readers)


She is the sole survivor of Uhniva and doesn't remember her own name. In fact, she remembers nothing about the night when all the inhabitants of the small town vanished.

(In progress)



Project Azure: Generation ISI

In the distant year of 1820, during an expedition to the frozen tombs on the Trinities Peninsula, Edward Bransfield discovered the remains of an unknown creature and brought them to the mainland. What kind of creature is it? How did it end up in an underground temple? Who built the temple beneath the ice, and for what purpose?

The company "BioInk" has developed a panacea. The drug "Amrital" can cure the most severe illnesses. However, the price that humanity will pay for the coveted immortality may prove to be too high...

Read "Project Azure: Introduction"

(In progress)

Children of Danu: Lost Worlds


Mysterious hunters near the desert. Hostile aircraft in the crimson skies. Children disappearing in the colonies. What is the government of Farside truly hiding from its citizens? And has the ancient conflict between Earth and the Red Planet truly come to an end?

(In progress)

Fragments of Worlds: Anima

As you may have already understood, I am human. I was born in the Hive, as they call the abode of the upper caste. My father is the crown prince, and my mother is a grand duchess. We are representatives of the blue blood, embodiments of all virtues and wisdom of the world. But my blood is not at all blue.

And I also have a soul. It is a great gift and a great responsibility to possess a soul. All humans have one. But do they all deserve it?

Tomorrow is my birthday. Finally, I'll turn 17, and I will attend my first ball. There, I will meet Adam, the son of Count Anu: a mysterious young man who will completely shatter my world in a single night, leaving me with nothing but fragments of reality.

(In progress)


Year 2012. The last day on Earth. The final day for Pavel, wandering through a ruined city. Although the boy, having lost his loved ones, seeks death, this encounter will change the future of the degenerated world.



Hazard: Cursed Blood

This world belongs to monsters. Everything that lives here wants to devour or enslave you. Every creature in Hazard is dangerous and cunning. But the most terrifying monsters are those that have a human form. That's why the great cities are hidden beneath domed spheres. Outside the dome, certain death awaits ordinary humans. At the heart of the Crystal City stands the black palace, where the mysterious Sai dwell. They are the fearsome rulers of the monster world.

Aria embarked on her first solo trip to another country as part of an exchange program. During a Sunday excursion, she came across the Stone of Fate. The stone that foretold the appearance of a new king of Ireland. By touching it, Aria finds herself at the gateway of the dome, where the Crystal City awaits her. The city from her visions. And it seems that in order to return to her normal life, she must uncover the true identities of the rulers of Hazard.

(In progress)

Ad Astra: From the Stars

Fear never fades. It is like an illness from which one cannot recover. For which no remedies have been created. They say that fear is a useful instinct. Perhaps it is, as fear itself prevented me from perishing. Although for those who have experienced hell, returning to a normal life is a challenging endeavor.


Netjeru: Earthborn

A golden star has fallen from the sky. The earthly realm must pay a bloody tribute to the heavens. The ruler of peace will fall, and darkness will engulf the world. The gates of Duat will swing wide open, and the Children of Rebellion will descend to punish humanity.

(In progress)

Ex Nihilio

The world is doomed. Of course, we've heard this tune for thousands, hundreds of thousands of years. However, the Day has arrived. Twilight destroys cities, obliterates continents. The only hope lies in the colonization and the city of the future, Tevekh. The city under the dome. The city of gods. But Adam Beecher doesn't feel like a god. He's an ordinary boy who recently buried his father and now must adjust to a new life with his mother and her other child. Adam has been chosen to participate in a unique experiment. Professor Devon promises to save humanity. But are Adam and the other "chosen ones" willing to pay the horrifying price for an illusory salvation?

(In progress)

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